Lumen Labs Limited

  • North Carolina


406 Byrams Ford Drive
North Carolina
United States

About Us

Lumen Labs is a social venture that provides project-based computer education to under-served and developing markets. In emerging markets, computer education is often inaccessible, and traditional learning methods are based on rote-memorization that emphasizes the ability to memorize rather than the ability to think independently. Without digital literacy, students in under-served communities are unable to participate in the fast-evolving digital economy. Without independent thinking skills; students who are digitally literate find it difficult to relate how those skills can be applied towards solving real-life challenges. Lumen fills this gap by providing a replicable, sustainable, and effective model for project-based computer education in emerging markets.

During Lumen’s program, students use mobile-SMS technology to collect data about specific issues in their community. Following a six-step framework for creative problem solving, students then work with the data on computers to master computer literacy, develop critical thinking skills, and propose solutions to the challenges they see every day. Separately, Lumen captures, cleans, and provides the collected mobile data to organizations to help fill the data and M&E gap in emerging markets. By integrating data and digital literacy, Lumen’s model turns data—a resource that communities have, into computer education—a resource that communities need.