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About Us

Toilet Hackers is fighting the world sanitation crisis. Today, 40% of humanity, 2.5 billion people, live without access to a toilet. This causes among other things: A child to die every 17 seconds (more children die of diarrhea than of malaria or aids), 1/3 of girls drop of school due to lack of access to a toilet and 50% of hospital beds in developing countries are from patients with a decease related to lack of sanitation.

To achieve our mission Toilet Hackers is doing three things:

  1. Innovation: We recruit new talent to hack, disrupt, and build tools that foster behavior change and accelerate access to sanitation.
  2. Education: If we can talk about something, we can fix it. We talk shit at both the grassroots and policy level to drive support for the sanitation movement.
  3. Implementation: We build life-saving sustainable sanitation and hygiene projects implemented by local partners with proven track records.

Help us fight the War on Poop. Join our army of Toilet Hackers.

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