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About Us

Social Enterprise Africa is working to bring the concept of social enterprise into Africa. It has three mechanisms to do this:

1. By developing agriculture to meet the needs of international trade

2. By capacity-bulding NGOs or CBOs, that are interested in becoming more sustainable through trade

3. By training social entrepreneurs

SEA is also the home of the Butterfly Project, which has proved that young Africans can become changemakers, even in their early years. The project trains in vision, project management skills, creativity, communication, public speaking and much more into a group of young people age 12-17, that have proved themsleves capable of being a social entrepreneur and change maker in the future. Only selfless young people already living in the most disadvantaged of locations are chosen for this project.

At the moment there are projects in Kampala, Lyantonde and in Kitgum in Northern Uganda.

In 2010, SEA also founded a sster organisation, known as Chrysalis Limited, which is set up to develop schools capable of providing the stimulus for gifted and talented children. Their first school is scheduled to open in February 2011 in Kireka, Kampala.