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About Us

Drops Fill Buckets is a community-based fundraising organization founded on the belief that the “21st century philanthropist” seeks a connection with projects, not specific institutions. DFB members identify recipient organizations with a track record of humanitarian service and responsible leadership who have a specific unmet need which can be met by a one-time charitable donation. This project-specific contribution allows donors to see the specific outcomes made possible by their generosity, often forging a connection with that project and organization that endures beyond the project itself. DFB focuses on smaller projects (usually less than $20,000) that can be completed in a timely fashion through small donations and corporate matching, as opposed to being dependent on large donors. Over the last four years, our Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York chapters have built a hospital, purchased an emergency vehicle, and contributed medical equipment and supplies to underserved, third world medical communities; and locally, supported organizations that provide educational and recreational opportunities to underprivileged youth.