Chosen Rehab Center

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About Us

Chosen Rehab Center (CRC) is a non-profit Organisation that provides free boarding facilities to rehabilitate drug addicts, alcoholics, street kids and the homeless. The rehabilitation occurs over a period of 3 months in which they are not allowed to leave the premises and all their needs are taken care of by the organization. After completion of the program we reunite them with their families and integrate them into society by securing jobs and accommodation for them. We also offer free transportation to the public during rush hours; hold strong and compassionate outreach programs in the slums; and organize End-of-year parties for the under privileged in our society.

During outreach, we go to the slums/ghettoes, in Accra and its environs (Tudu, Sahara, Kasoa, Darkuman, Tema, and Nsawam). Also we visit the hospitals and prisons three times a week to cater for drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, street children and homeless people. We offer them free medical screening, food, water, medicine, bibles, clothes and minister to them as well. The ones that are willing to give up their addiction are ushered into our facility where they are clothed and fed three times a day. The rehab also caters for HIV victims that are also addicted to drugs and alcohol.