Baroque Band

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30 East Adams Street
Suite 1204
United States

About Us

The mission of Baroque Band is:

  • To present the highest quality performances of Baroque music using period-instruments and historically informed performance techniques;
  • To inform and educate the public - locally, regionally, and nationally - about music from the Baroque era;
  • To provide opportunities for students and musicians of all levels and ages to gain hands-on experience with period-instruments and techniques; and
  • To serve as musical ambassadors for the City of Chicago.

Baroque Band is the region’s only period-instrument orchestra, contributing something truly unique to the Chicago community. Over time, instruments and playing styles have evolved, and today's orchestras differ greatly from those of Bach's time. Performing music of the baroque era (ca. 1600-1750), Baroque Band musicians use instruments made during that time period, or modern-day replicas. Audiences hear works by composers such as Bach, Handel and Vivaldi performed as the composers themselves may have heard them, hundreds of years ago. The resulting experience is both musical and historical.