The Whidbey Institute

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6449 Old Pietila Road
United States

About Us

Our mission is to empower, connect, and inspire individuals and organizations through programs that foster personal development, nurture community connections, and address social and environmental challenges.

We envision a thriving, engaged network of people empowered to create a vital, sustainable, and collaborative culture—one which recognizes and nurtures both the human community and the natural world as integral parts of a whole.

We convene and support people and organizations acting on a wide range of interrelated environmental and social justice issues by providing experiences that connect, renew, and encourage such people and communities. We work from our 100 acre Chinook campus on Whidbey Island as well as in Seattle and elsewhere around the bioregion, serving to sustain and amplify our network's collective efforts.

We foster resilience, adaptability, and advocacy at the levels of the individual, the community, and the bioregion through programs which support leadership development, thriving communities, and ecosystem vitality.