Korea Foundation for Women

About Us

The Korea Foundation for Women is the first nongovernmental public interest foundation to foster civil society in the Republic of Korea that was established in participation with leaders of all levels of society and 124 organizations for women in the whole country under the flag, “Open bright new millennium for our daughters!” in December 6 1999.

The Foundation was established with the aim at promoting change of recognition to achieve real gender equality in every sector of life, contributing national development to improving women’s ability suitable to the age of globalization and creating a social climate where a man and woman coexists and go forth in harmony.

The Foundation would like to make such world where motherhood is protected under harmonious coexistence of man and woman from inequality and prejudice, female world leaders come out of the country, respectable female resources in each area can participate in estranged women everywhere in society. It tries that daughters together with sons can stand high as the pillar to sustain the Korea’s 21st century.

The Foundation will play a pivotal role in opening bright future to our daughters and try its best to create a climate of donation culture which is transparent, sustainable and honorable in the country.