Axladitsa Avatakia




About Us

Axladitsa-Avatakia which means "little pear and things that grow in difficult places", is a place of learning in South Pelion, Greece, a living systems container where the local community and an emerging trans-local community of 29 guardians, and other Friends are engaging in a field of learning - where living and creating from wholeness, being in authentic / right relationship within the web of life and honoring our connection to the earth is at the core. It is a place that practices listening to and tending the land through conscious organic hosting, growing, producing and serving; engaging in implementing renewable resources, ecological practices and natural infrastructure design; exploring natural human leadership organizing and economic patterns; and offering real-time experiences to engage, learn, amplify and serve the common good, by raising consciousness as individuals and as a community - both locally and trans-locally. The rest is still waiting to unfold.