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About Us

Jhamtse International's principal activity is supporting a residential school in the far eastern Himalaya, in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh -- very remote, very impoverished area.  The school, Jhamtse Gatsal (Garden of Love and Compassion in Tibetan) is home, community, family and school for unwanted and abandoned children in this region.  The school, founded by the Tibetan Buddhist monk, Lobsang Phuntsok, came from this region and was teaching Buddhism in Massachusetts, is predicated on the ancient teachings of love and compassion. This approach has proven to work wonders with children who have suffered early childhood trauma.  (See the award-winning documentary "Tashi and the Monk" on Vimeo, the password is compassion.)

Jhamtse also works to end suffering and bring about positive change in the world through education, including Buddhist instruction, community programs, and projects based on the principles of love, compassion and wisdom.  These principles are the foundation of lasting peace and happiness.