Teach For China(TFC)

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About Us

Established in 2008, Teach For China is inspired by the vision that one day, all Chinese children will have access to a quality education. Teach For China takes a unique approach to eliminating educational inequity by enlisting the US and China’s most promising future leaders in the effort. In partnership with the global network Teach For All, Teach For China recruits, selects, trains, and supports outstanding US and Chinese graduates to work side-by-side to deliver an excellent education in high poverty and rural Chinese communities.

In the short term, Teach For China’s Fellows are placed in full-time, two-year teaching commitments at under-resourced schools, where they meet the pressing need for exceptional educators. In the long term, Teach For China supports its alumni – equipped with the experience, conviction, and insight that comes from leading children to fulfill their potential – to be a force for change, working from across sectors to expand educational opportunity.

Teach for China:

• Provide determined and talented teachers to schools in need.Academic achievement begins with teachers who are determined to ensure that all students succeed. By recruiting and training committed educators for placement at high-need Chinese schools, Teach for China provides a critical source of quality teachers in understaffed districts.

• Develop a deep understanding of the causes of educational inequity. Every day, Fellows work within local communities to address educational challenges in their classrooms. This first-hand experience fosters a deep understanding of the causes of educational inequity in China and instills the conviction that educational inequity is a problem that can be solved.

• Create long-term systemic change. Teach for China believes that educational equity for all children can only be achieved through a movement of leaders across sectors. From industries as varied as business, academia, government, and the social sector – in both China and the US – TFC alumni are prepared to work long after their Fellowships to improve educational access for students.

Global & National Partnerships TFC works closely with a network of renowned US, Chinese, and international partners, and is:

• Working in collaboration with Teach For All, a Teach For America-affiliated global program;

• The first non-governmental accredited full-time teacher sourcing channel in China, as designated by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education;

• Drawing on Princeton in Asia's more than 100 years of experience as a partner institution;

• Working in partnership with China's premiere teaching training and pedagogy research institution, Beijing Normal University, and with the Dartmouth College Teacher Education Program, to implement a comprehensive teacher training and support system;

• Operating under the strategic guidance of McKinsey & Company.