Volunteer for Education (V.E.O.)

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About Us

Who we are?

V.E.O. is building a community network that aims to connect volunteers with local people. By “Volunteering for Education” we believe it is possible to improve the living standard of local people. We identify the needs of underprivileged people and then create placements for volunteers so they can join the growing network and contribute their valuable time to support local communities in a meaningful way.

Why was V.E.O established

We believe that education is an essential element when trying to improve the quality of life of poor and disadvantaged people, especially in far-away ethnic communities. More knowledge and better job skills will generate more opportunities to start a career. By providing informal education with the support of volunteers, we thus aim to create a chance for underprivileged people – young and old – to reach their ultimate goal of a sustainable living with the future in their own hands.

What do we do

We focus on providing informal education for local communities, especially for poor and disadvantaged people in far-away ethnic communities. We teach and train them knowledge and job skills necessary for a better life. We try to improve the education facilities, such as school buildings, local centers and community houses, in order to create a better place and study environment. We also try to help in developing local small businesses and careers by providing skills, tools and real support in finding partnerships.

Another goal of V.E.O., besides helping local people, is to give international volunteers a chance to experience Vietnam and get an insight into the country. We offer a variety of placements for volunteers – our projects are available throughout the country. When joining V.E.O., volunteers will be able to see and experience Vietnam’s beautiful nature, friendly people and authentic folk culture.

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