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About Us

The Campaign for Community Change (The Campaign) aims to increase the profile of policy issues that matter to low-income people and people of color; educate and empower communities to act on those issues; and influence the federal legislation to benefit low-income families and communities. Specifically, the Campaign works to equip low-income, immigrant and communities of color with the skills and resources to participate year-round in the electoral process. The Campaign’s goal is to ensure that these communities—historically underrepresented in voter turnout—are recognized as constituencies to which every candidate is accountable. We aim to promote a culture of civic participation and assist our constituencies to become fully engaged in American democracy.

One of the most distinctive elements of the Campaign is that it is driven by local grassroots groups and leaders. The Campaign provides guidance and support, but the ownership is in the hands of the people from these communities and the organizations to which they belong. The Campaign will provide partner organizations with an array of support and resources to help them reach their electoral goals through voter education, registration, mobilization and protection, as well as efforts designed to strengthen the membership and leadership within their organizations. For further information please visit our website at