FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine

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About Us

FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine primarily focuses on the release of native birds and will monitor their progress after reintroduction. The Release Center, with a management area of four hectares, is situated in the municipality of Iporanga on the Betary Reserve. We have partnered with IPBio (Biodiversity Research Institute), an NGO that also works on the Betary Reserve with whom we cooperate closely, to develop a joint volunteer program. 

FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine was founded by the couple Martine Schmid-Fiorini and Pedro Schmid, both Swiss veterinarians, who worried about the fate of the wild animals coming from the illegal traffic and seized by local authorities. In an improvised installation at their residence in Iporanga, they began to care for wild animals, enabling their return to nature. Their activities attracted attention and gained recognition in the region by the local population, as well as by environmental authorities. Thus, familiar with the necessary care and the requirements for the release of wild animals, they founded FreeWildlife Brazil Celine in the Atlantic Forest.

Latest Listings

Tree Inventory (Volunteer Opportunity)

Website Developer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Reserve Maintenance (Volunteer Opportunity)

Communications and Fundraising (Volunteer Opportunity)

Mammal Inventory (Volunteer Opportunity)

Photography and Producing Videos (Volunteer Opportunity)

Eco-Volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Volunteer Coordinator (Volunteer Opportunity)