Merging Vets And Players

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8225 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood
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About Us

Merging Vets And Players was created in 2015 by NFL insider Jay Glazer and former NFL Player and Green Beret Nate Boyer to address the challenge of civilian life transition faced by both combat veterans and former professional athletes. We do this by building peer to peer relationships in our weekly workouts, peer group mentoring, social events, and community service events. This includes:

  • Providing weekly workouts and peer-to-peer group mentoring sessions throughout the year. These sessions are critical to creating relationships, having members recognize and take pride in vulnerability, providing referral based resources, and putting members on a goal-setting pathway to accelerate their transition.
  • Supporting four community service projects and ten network building events in each city. We recognize transition involves a broader network of peers. Our social events are inclusive of all of those peers, family, and friends supporting our MVP members through their transition. Our community service events strengthen the foundation for the transition process offering our members a renewed sense of identity and purpose. Providing referral services to MVP members as needed