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A Resource for Voices of Reason in World Affairs

It’s easy to see what progressives oppose in world affairs, starting with the disastrously failed policies of this Administration. It has been harder to find clear, concise, and compelling evocations of what we stand for. Our voices and policies have been multitudinous, dispersed and often hard to find -- and that has reduced our impact. hopes to change that.

One issue at at time, beginning in January 2008 with a pilot project on Iran, we will seek out and assemble the most highly regarded policy analyses of selected issues. We will then work with a community of experts to synthesize and distill these analyses into a single, powerful web-based narrative, brief at the surface with deeper analyses and stories available behind the hyperlinks. We will poll the wider policy community on this narrative and refine it as needed. And we will commit to keeping our policy analysis “evergreen” through updates that adapt it to a rapidly changing world.