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Mto wa Mbu


About Us

Supports marginalized/street children with education/life skillshome support in Mto wa Mbu & region.

The Dutch based Twiga Foundation supports the project Sarakasi ya Vijana in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania that gives children a chance for abetter future through qualitative education. In Tanzania the ‘Sarakasi ya Vijana’ project ensures sustainable development of infant, primary and secondary school students, who learn to become independent in a right way. Since there are not a lot of jobs in Tanzania, we help the children to find a job, using our network, after they finish their schools. Local staff together with international volunteers and sponsors lead those children to a hopeful future.

Although we have a lot of local staff working for the project in Tanzania which is running fine, volunteers make a major contribution to the project in Mto wa Mbu. The local staff has her regular duties. The volunteers ensure that such children receive more attention, that jobs in and around the house and the center are done and that new ideas arise and are implemented. So there is always plenty to do!

Anyone can make a major contribution to the further development of Twiga Foundation. Since this is a childrens’ project, you might think that only volunteers with a social background can contribute. Nothing is further from the truth: also as a biologist, architect, technician, manager, environmental specialist, lawyer or without a specific field of knowledge, we can use your capabilities very well!

Many international volunteers have been in Mto wa Mbu since the start of the project. Please contact them for details or check out the Facebook site. Here you can find volunteers who have been there and what they did.