UNC Program in the Humanities and Human Values

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About Us

We seek to foster the intellectual and moral development of our community here in North Carolina. By bringing seminars to the public on a gamut of pressing topics and themes, we hope to provide the avenue by which conversations and reflection can be fostered. The wide variety of North Carolinians who attend the events are doing so for themselves, yes, but through connecting world-class scholars and everday folk, we bring together the raw materials for good stewardship of our world, not just our state.

Since 1979, an astounding 900 seminars (more, but who's counting?), workshops, and conferences have brought more than 57,000 members of our community to UNC in search for a lively way of exploring our role in the larger scheme of what's happening in the world. People who attend our seminars are people who know you have to feed your brain and keep challenging yourself in order to discover your full potential in all areas of life.

Seminars feature speakers from faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as from key educational and cultural institutions in the bustling Triangle and throughout North Carolina. As if the seminars weren't lively enough, we often provide our participants with tickets to plays, concerts, art exhibits, and other exciting experiences to be had here at Chapel Hill. Additionally, participants also have the option of participating in accompanying receptions and meals, where dialogue and conversation among participants and presenting scholars are a highlight.

It's surprising how much excitement can be sparked by getting a bunch of ordinary people excited about ideas. Sometimes it's exactly what we need in order to re-engage with the change happening around us.

Learn more about our offerings and our other methods of community outreach at our website, or sign up for our monthly newsletter by sending an email to "human@unc.edu", or alternatively, go to this link.