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About Us

The world is unpredictable. No matter how rigorous your planning, at some point events may throw you off script. Yet, the philanthropic financial market is not structured to deal with the unexpected.

When it comes to meeting the unexpected, most traditional grant programs are inflexible, restrictive, and slow. The result of this structure leaves even the best-conceived programs with little or no access to capital when unanticipated obstacles are encountered mid-implementation.

To address this issue, Open Road provides grant capital to address the unexpected. Specifically, we reserve our charitable and recoverable investments for when a mid-implementation project encounters an unexpected roadblock or opportunity. We provide the necessary, fast, flexible capital to help organizations overcome the unexpected. Through this strategy we seek to maximize financial leverage and social return. Our strategy supports projects across all sectors and geographies.

In addition to cultivating our portfolio, we conduct research, generate data, share our learnings, and convene our peers to develop tools and best practices. Our goal is to decrease the frequency of these unexpected funding shortfalls and increase the effectiveness of grantmaking within our sector as a whole.