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About Us

More than 20 years ago, Gateway Counseling Center (GCC) was founded on the principle that all individuals -- including those with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness -- deserve to live happy, productive, independent lives.

Since we first opened our doors, we've served more than a thousand clients by pioneering innovative programs that speak to them not only as individuals, but as shareholders in the larger community around them.

All of our groups -- from a wide range of Areas of Interest -- are designed for people across the entire spectrum of disability. We pride ourselves on our caring, committed staff -- from our dedicated MSCs to our incredibly talented guest lecturers to our conscientious facilities-management team.

At Gateway, all of our services -- whether habilitative, diagnostic, or thereapeutic -- further our mission of treating people with developmental disabilities as decision-makers in their own lives. We know that every individual desires increased independence and to reside in a less restrictive living environment, regardless of his or her level of function.

Throughout our menu of services, we strive to instill the following GCC core values:

  • Practice compassion for all people
  • All people deserve to be treated with dignity
  • Diversity strengthens both our people and our services
  • Excellence is the cornerstone of everything we do

Just as we know that no two people with disabilities are alike, we also know that the services we provide at GCC should be personalized for each individual.

Gateway's Group Day Habilitation program features a wide-ranging menu of daily opportunities that are not otherwise available in traditionally designed programs.

People with disabilities who attend our Day Habilitation program work hand-in-hand with GCC staff to create a personalized schedule that helps them achieve their own unique goals -- whether those goals are social, behavioral, or educational.

If they so desire, GCC attendees of all ages and functional levels can use professional camera and sound gear to make their own films in Filmmaking; grow their own herbs and vegetables in Horticulture; learn how to budget with confidence in Money Handling; or further their reading skills in Literacy.

Who is Eligible

  • Individuals with developmental disabilities over the age of 18 who live at home
  • Individuals with developmental disabilities over the age of 18 who live in group residences
  • Must reside in Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens

Hours of Operation

  • Bronx: M-F 9am-3pm
  • Queens: M-F 9am-3pm
  • Brooklyn: M-F 9am-3-pm


  • Transportation is provided to and from Gateway, free of charge.


  • Bronx: Breakfast and lunch are provided, free of charge.
  • Queens: Breakfast is provided, as well as Friday lunch, free of charge.
  • Brooklyn: Lunch is provided, free of charge.

This service offers the following areas of interest and groups:



Computer Lab

Current Events


Community Inclusion

Community Activities

Recreational Field Trips

Volunteer Field Activities

Creative Arts

Arts & Crafts

Disc Jockey

Drama & Film


Music & Dance

Life Skills

Anger Management

Domestic Skills

Etiquette, Health and Hygiene

Fire and Street Safety


Shopping & Money Handling

Telephone Usage

Time Telling

Weather Safety


Tabletop Sports

Board Games

Therapeutic Activities



Light Exercise


Track Team