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Coco Solo


About Us

Cambio Creativo is a grassroots educational program that works with youth and community members in Colon, Panama. Our students and teachers organize workshops, after-school tutoring, and specialized classes to foster an intimate and fun space to learn. Cambio Creativo is home to a library and educational center in the community of Coco Solo. Collectively we promote critical thinking skills, self-expression, and self-determination through creative education in the arts and sciences. Through diverse educational programming, participants develop new skills, and ways of thinking. We learn together, while working toward equitable and positive change for communities in Colon, Panama and across the Americas.

Cambio Creativo facilitates a space for cross-cultural education. We help each other find alternatives for social and economic development. Our programs are led by volunteers, teachers, artists and community members.

Workshops are designed to create a highly participatory space for learning. Participants benefit from the knowledge and skills that the Cambio Creativo platform introduces via our educational programming, which includes a wide variety of activities: from art and photography, to geography and history, to music and sports. We support the kind of education not typically offered by traditional schools, whether private or public institutions, in Panama or abroad.

Through creative education we hope to promote self-expression and community engagement. We are always trying to imagine new ways of learning. We believe that through creative, critical and empathetic consciousness, people can come together and transform their realities.

Our goal is to foster a sense of self-confidence among both Coco Solo youth and visiting student-teachers. Participants form meaningful relationships across distinct cultural backgrounds. The empathy gained from interacting in this type of educational environment is invaluable to forming meaningful relationships between the next generation of U.S. and Panamanian citizens.

Cambio Creativo’s is committed to fostering creativity and respectful cross-cultural exchange. Please join us in Panama—¡Sí, se puede!