Cleveland Public Art

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1951 West 26th Street, #101
United States

About Us

Since 1984, Cleveland Public Art (CPA) has brought together designers, (artists, architects, landscape architects, urban designers), decision makers, and community members to create projects which are free and assessable to Ohio residents, workers, and visitors 24 hours a day. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, CPA creates art which defines an area, reflects the community, and brings new respect and life to its location. We encourage people to stop and look at the world around them shaping the overall urban experience no matter someone’s personal means or access. Sometimes subtle, sometimes bold public art changes our perception of the world around us. From Detroit-Superior Bridge Bike & Pedestrian Promenade and our annual City Xpressionz Aerosol & Urban Art Festival to the fence at Orchard Elementary School and Louise Bourgeois’ SPIDERS in our theatre district, CPA improves the quality of life in Cleveland and its neighborhoods.