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About Us

The Rift Valley Institute (www.riftvalley.net) is an independent, non-profit organization working in eastern and central Africa. The Institute works at the interface between research, policy and education with the aim of advancing useful knowledge of the region and its diverse communities and bringing a better understanding of local realities to bear on social and political action.

RVI activities are designed to have long-term impact—to shape aid interventions, expand space for public participation in policy, support local research capacity, preserve communal histories, promote social justice and extend freedom of information. The Institute’s programmes include action-oriented research, field-based training, public information, collaboration with research and educational institutions in the region, conservation and digitization of archives, distance learning initiatives and open-access publishing of a wide range of technical, general and literary work.

There are RVI offices in London, Nairobi, Juba and Hargeysa. The Institute is registered as a charity in England and Wales.