Rural Development Society

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Somandepalli Mandal
Anantapur Dist
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About Us

According to RDS ro reach its goal of Rural Development that is a sustained and a better future, human and natural resources must be regenerated and conserved and managed by people themselves with their full participation Unless they are organised and educated the poverty cannot be eleminated.The development orgasnisations or Govt must give priority to people's ideas and views rather than their technical goals. India is so huge country that it is very difficyult to Govt. or others to formulate same and same policiies to the entire country or even to a particular rewgion. Therefore they must be planned according to the needs of the people. We must provide a chance of better living to the poor.RDS believes the way of approach is non relegious, non profit,social and humanitarian Our tasrget people are Rural poor such as agricultural labourers, small and marginal farmers, artisans, women, children and pewople with disabilities Priority areas are Natural Resources like land, water, tanks, rivers, wells,ponds regeneration, watershed development, Income generation training, women issues, human rights, child welfare and rehabilitation of people with disabilities Operational area is Southern blocks of Anantapur District in A.P.State which is lowest rainy area in India having continued droughts and chronic poverty.