Computer CORE

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3846 King St.
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About Us

OUR VISION: is a world where all people have the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams, reach their full potential, and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

OUR MISSION: Computer C.O.R.E. helps Northern Virginia's low-income adults acquire the technological and life skills they need to pursue career aspirations.

Founded in 1999, CORE was established to provide free computer training to adults who have little or no computer knowledge. Our clients, when they are accepted into the program, have little knowledge of how to use a mouse. Most do not have keyboarding skills. Computer C.O.R.E. helps its clients 1) get over the fear of computing and develop the ability to take on new computing tasks, and 2) use their computing and other skills to pursue personal and professional goals.

To start volunteering, or for more information, see the link to our Application Packet under "Resources" at the bottom of this page.