Quelonios del Caribe



Costa Rica

About Us

Quelonios is located on the atlantic coast of Costa Rica, in the province of Limón the nearest big town is Bataan, we are 1 Km north of Pacuare river Mouth. Our main Goal is to protect marine turtles from hunters and pouchers, we build hatcheries and protect the eggs the turtles lay on the beach. The other goal that is not less important than the first is to provide the people from then Pacuare town and alternate way of live, by teaching them the importance of conserving the turtles and providing the people with jobs, so that they don´t have to rely on the turtle meat and eggs. The project is totally funded by the owners and we are not rich just two working Costarican that are concern with Wild Life and the welfare of the villagers that depend on it. For this reason we depend on volunteers to get lots of things done, we also started a shrimp project and and eco-tourism project to get additional funding to continue our work.