Afghanistan International Foundation for the Blind

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About Us

The Afghanistan International Foundation for the Blind (AIFB) (formerly known as Afghanistan Blind Women and Children Foundation was founded on August 28, 2009) mission is "with collaboration and partnership of other international  organizations, The Foundation will offer services for blind individuals in Afghanistan in order to improve quality of life  in the area of education, health, rehabilitation and community services."

The objective of The Foundation is to provide educational services to all ages, AIFB will offer the following life changing services: children to use blind based computer applications and technologies, sending much needed blind based equipment and medical supplies from the United States, publishing Braille books, teaching students how to study mathematics and science using tactile systems, and training. The foundation focuses on education activities starting from Pre-kindergarten to graduate high school. We provide preparation programs for college students who wish to pursue higher education. We also offer services in the study of science such as chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and algebra as well as literature focusing on Pashto, Persian and English. 

We work on providing job opportunities to those entering the workforce, rehabilitation services, housing and community services for veterans. In addition we also provide healthcare and other necessary forms of assistance.

Community services will include providing a safe environment at home via accessibility for the blind disabled. We collaborate with and support The Afghan Blind Association in Kabul to provide a safe and healthy environment and to promote the disability rights movement. Domestic violence is one of the components that the AIFB will focus on by providing negotiation and peacemaking among the Afghan society.  Afghanistan International Foundation for the Blinds is focused on the rights of veterans who lost their sight due to war while protecting their country.