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About Us

Pensieve is an initiative whose mission is to make a quality education universally accessible. Our platform (, is a publishing platform which makes it easy for anybody to put together interactive, online courses. We're forming a teaching corps of recent college graduates, and together we're going to create open interactive courses, which will then be available to the world. In the first summer, we hope to create an introductory course on each of the world's major languages. Ultimately, our goal is to create a self-sustaining educational ecosystem, in which anybody can immediately study whatever they want in a systematic way.

The web platform is already built, and we have student representatives at over a dozen of the top universities who have expressed quite a bit of interest in making this a reality. If you are interested in social entrepreneurship, and want to be part of a passionate team focusing on solving one of the most important issues of today, please contact Yush Gupta ( for more information.