Outdoor Explorations, Inc.

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About Us

Organization Since 1991, Outdoor Explorations (OE) has made the outdoors a welcoming place to people with disabilities. Through our innovative, cooperative, and fun approach, we break down the barriers that prevent people from living life to the fullest. Our adventure, training, and community service programs enable people of all abilities to discover and value their own and others’ unique strengths.

OE is committed to creating communities where every person’s strengths and perspectives are valued. OE provides single- and multi-day trips such as kayaking, hiking, sailing, climbing, ropes courses, whitewater rafting, snowshoeing, and backpacking. Youth and adult programs serve people with all types of disabilities, including physical, cognitive, sensory, emotional, and multiple, as well as those without disabilities. Our highly-trained staff and volunteers create year round experiences for people with a diverse range of needs. Along with our adventure programs, OE also helps a wide range of other organizations make their outdoor programming more inclusive through our Outdoor Inclusivity Training, and we create more accessible outdoor environments through our WildWorks community service projects. For more information, please visit www.outdoorexp.org