AndyGlo Foundation

About Us

The AndyGlo Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Department of Social Welfare in Ghana, West Africa. The AndyGlo Foundation was born out of the need for more reliable, meaningful volunteer placements in Ghana and the reality that Ghanaian students wishing to volunteer abroad encounter numerous difficulties trying to fulfill their dream.

Our primary mission is to provide meaningful volunteer abroad experiences to youth from around the globe towards the aim of fostering greater cross-cultural awareness, tolerance and global unity.

At AndyGlo we envision a comprehensive global exchange program that treats all youth learners as equal and deserved of opportunities to grow, change and embrace difference regardless of their country of origin.

Simply put, at Andyglo we are convinced that the best way to learn about ourselves as young people is to learn about the way others around the world live. We strive towards fairer power relations between the “North” and the “South” in all we do. This translates into more egalitarian work placements where volunteers can expect to be treated with respect and compassion regardless of nationality, race or ethnicity.

Our objectives as an organization are as follows:

1. Provide meaningful custom-tailored Ghanaian volunteer placement in the areas of health, education, social welfare and the creative arts.

2. Provide learning opportunities to Ghanaian and non-Ghanaian youth through various public forums.

2. Provide excellent home-stay accommodation for volunteers that provide an exceptional level of security, comfort, value and friendliness.

3. Provide well-researched, helpful assistance to Ghanaian students wishing to travel abroad in order to complete short to medium-term volunteer or work experience placements.

4. Provide an online forum for visiting volunteers and Ghanaian volunteers to discuss and compare volunteer abroad experiences towards fostering greater understanding between cultures.

5. To overall simplify and streamline the process of volunteering abroad through the long-term consultative creation and distribution of a step-by-step guide to volunteering/working abroad for West African students.