San Diego House Rabbit Society

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P.O. Box 261553
San Diego
United States

About Us

The House Rabbit Society promotes rabbits as indoor companion animals.* Through HRS fostering programs, volunteers rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent homes for them.

  • Through education, the HRS seeks to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits and to improve rabbits' lives by helping people better understand these often misunderstood companion animals.

San Diego House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, nonprofit animal rescue organization. We rescue and adopt out, or assist local shelters to adopt out, more than 100 rabbits per year. Some of these rabbits had run out of time at animal shelters and were scheduled for euthanasia; others had been deemed "unadoptable" because of age, health or disposition. All incoming HRS foster rabbits are spayed/neutered, given necessary veterinary care and have their social needs attended to. HRS foster parents spend time getting to know each rabbit and can then match him or her with an appropriate home. No rabbits in HRS foster care are euthanized because they have "run out of time." In addition to our adoption program we provide* Education about rabbits as companion animals (including many helpful and fun articles on our website, email support, a phone hotline, and our quarterly newsletter, the San Diego Rabbit News)

  • Assistance in finding the right rabbit for your family
  • A "rabbit only" Spay/Neuter Rebate Program for San Diego County residents, and
  • Access to fresh, high-quality hay and great bunny supplies at affordable prices