Teachers Without Borders Uganda

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About Us

We are a teachers' orginisation that builds the capacity of teachers to develop communities.

Teachers Without Borders aims to enhance education by supporting local teacher leadership. TWB activities are conceived and run by educators, volunteers and local leaders who support colleagues and communities.

Based upon this premise, we provide free resources and tools to help teachers learn, connect, collaborate, and create partnerships with schools or community centers, in workshops and seminars. We remove barriers to availability, accessibility, acceptability and adaptability, through high-teach, high-tech, and high-touch programs and platforms.

Although we use technology as an accelerator, we equally understand the power of the handshake, a well-timed conversation, face-to-face learning, mentorship, and close-knit relationships. These interactions are fostered in our seminars, volunteer programs, conferences, workshops, and with our partners around the world.

Learning cannot be addressed through a single solution, a particular philosophy, a magic bullet, or a software program; it is a tireless process of building teacher communities. We there call upon volunteer teachers to join us in this endevour. You may not be professional teacher, as long as you have a skill or information to share with us, you are very welcome.


Candidates need to apply (by sending a letter of interest and CV) at least one month before the program starts. We run 3 terms a year, each lasting for 3 months. Our term dates are:

Term I: February 4th to May 3rd

Term II: May 27th to August 23rd

Term III: September 16th to December 6th

For more information, email uganda@teacherswithoutborders.org or visit our site at http://teacherswithoutborders.org/about-us/where-we-work/africa/uganda.