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About Us

The Center for Policy Entrepreneurship (CPE) is a private, non-profit public policy research and advocacy organization dedicated to identifying, developing and bringing to life creative and effective solutions to critical challenges. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, CPE looks at issues from all angles to find and create innovative public policy that provides measurable benefits to the public.

Our goal is to advance progressive principles and values, such as improving the lives of the disadvantaged and underserved, promoting economic self-sufficiency, expanding access to educational opportunity and health care, and protecting the environment.

CPE engages in the analysis, design and advocacy of innovative and entrepreneurial policy remedies and proposals, utilizing concepts and approaches from a broad spectrum of ideas. CPE has the ability to act quickly and aggressively, and looks for opportunities to achieve meaningful change through highly-leveraged actions. In addition, CPE seeks to partner with other organizations as they develop their own policy and research products and capacity.

Specifically, CPE:

-Conducts reliable research on critical public policy issues -Analyzes and synthesizes best practices and proven strategies in other states and sectors -Develops policy recommendations and engages in evidence-based advocacy -Publishes research findings and policy analyses -Educates decision-makers & the public through publications, events and other activities -Offers customized policy and research consulting services and products -Fosters collaboration and partnerships among organizations and sectors, and Builds support among policymakers and the general public.

CPE is a Colorado nonprofit corporation, organized exclusively for nonprofit purposes under the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act, and is governed and managed by an independent board of directors. CPE is not exempt from federal or Colorado income taxation and contributions to CPE are not tax-exempt as charitable contributions.