Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability

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204-916 W. Boadway Ave
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About Us

Our Mission

To prevent and reduce chronic pain, chronic pain-related suffering and disability by creating and sharing evidence-based resources and information.

Our Values

Collaboration: We are committed to working together to share the latest research and information on prevention and reduction of pain, pain-related suffering and disability.

Empowerment: Knowledge is our greatest power. We believe in sharing research, tools, and information to empower people to make informed decisions about their healthcare, as well as resources for employers and health professionals.

Compassion: Our growth is only limited by our ability to reach out to another. Understanding pain is the first step to living well with pain, impairments and disability. We are committed to creating meaningful resources relevant to the public, health professionals, employers and employees.

Integrity: Our foundation is built on trust and transparency. We strive to act ethically and bring credibility to all our work.

Our Goals

  1. To improve the quality of health services and health care treatments available for chronic pain.
  2. To empower patients, families, employers and others to make informed decisions about prevention, reduction and management of pain, pain-related suffering and disability.
  3. To provide credible, evidence-based resources.
  4. To keep our members updated on relevant research.
  5. To increase communication among researchers, health professionals and policy makers.