Clean Water for Haiti

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About Us

Clean Water for Haiti is a registered 501(c)3 organization that exists to provide Haitians with access to clean water. We are grounded in Christian principles and work in partnership with our Canadian branch, the CWH Foundation, and our Haiti branch, the Clean Water for Haiti Foundation. 

We believe that everyone should have access to clean water, and we believe that should happen in a way that is empowering and that encourages independence. Through our subsidized filter program Haitian families can purchase a bio-sand filter for a nominal fee and know that they are part of improving their family's health. We've chosen to use a filter model that can be manufactured in Haiti with local materials, so we can support the economy and provide full time employment and marketable job skill training to local people. 

CWH was started in 2001 and has installed over 25,000 filters to date. Our program model is unique and incredibly effective. We have also had opportunity to make modifications to the bio-sand filter itself, and components for installation, that have been adopted globally. If you volunteer or work with Clean Water for Haiti you'll be working with an organization that has a solid reputation of excellence in everything we do, and will have the opportunity to support and learn from an international development project that is really making a difference.