Ledyard Charter School

  • NH


11 Eldridge Street
United States

About Us

At Ledyard Charter School we believe that: ...everyone can learn. ...everyone can want to learn. ...everyone can make a difference.

Ledyard Charter School (LCS) prepares students for their futures, both academically and socially, in a rigorous academic program that stresses the importance of community and allows students to apply their learning in context. LCS provides opportunities for under- engaged students to re-focus on their strengths & interests and offers highly motivating & relevant learning opportunities with a strong academic core to support the community service, internship & practical experiences that contribute to the whole person.

Our Mission:

Ledyard Charter School will actively engage students in:

  1. a rigorous, integrated personalized course of study;
  2. the application of 21st century concepts, skills and dispositions to real-world problems;
  3. authentic performance, and
  4. meaningful relationships with the adult community through
    personal advisors, mentors, apprenticeships and service learning.