Project Live Proud, Inc.

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About Us

What is Project Live Proud? A non-profit organization made up of a group of Interior Designers and volunteers who are dedicated to our cause to instill pride through design by helping homeless families, accepted into housing programs, transform their house into a home they can be proud of. Through generous donations, we acquire furnishings, furniture and all household items and install home interiors for each recipient family. At the conclusion of their housing program our recipients are welcome to take all home furnishings with them; which helps break the cycle of poverty and assure a solid foundation as they move on to permanent housing.

Why Start Project Live Proud? Children are sleeping on floors. Families are living out of plastic bags. Families are eating meals on boxes. Families transitioning from homelessness into housing programs often leave shelters with plastic bags and cannot afford to buy furniture or even basic household items. We want to demonstrate the power of design and show how a well furnished home can help strengthen their drive for self-sufficiency and encourage them to break the cycle of poverty and the effects of homelessness.

How We Do It. Not Alone! With a team of dedicated and hard-working volunteers, group of talented Designers, and the generosity of amazing donors we are able to transform an empty space into a welcoming home environment where our recipients can live and thrive.

OUR MISSION: To help families who are struggling to overcome poverty and the effects of homelessness by providing design that transforms their house into a home they can be proud of.

OUR VISION: That every Atlanta Metro family transitioning from a shelter to an apartment on moving day, have a home environment that surrounds them in beauty and rises up to welcome them every day.

OUR GOAL: To instill pride, encourage stability and ownership by providing families with uplifting design that brings balance to home, family and life.