Parrot Resource Centre

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About Us

Our Mission: "To improve the lives of companion parrots."

The Parrot Resource Centre (PRC) was founded as an educational bird/parrot resource for individuals that experience challenges with their bird/parrot(s), as well as those considering adding a bird/parrot to their life and those seeking general information on birds/parrots and fellowship. We do not believe there are "bad birds" but guardians that require help in changing behaviour, we support the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). ABA will teach you how to live in harmony with your parrot. It teaches you how to set your parrot up to succeed - no screaming, no biting but rather a rewarding relationship between you and your parrot. Does it take work, you bet it does but the result is immeasurable.

PRC is a non-profit, all-volunteer registered Society governed by an at "arms length" board of directors.

PRC is not an activist organization. While board members and volunteers have personal beliefs and opinions, PRC as an organization does not debate issues such as whether or not parrots should be kept as companion pets or in captivity.

As a registered organization, we are able to access and share resources including:

  • The experiences of individuals that successfully keep birds/parrots in their homes
  • Certified animal behaviourists
  • Nutritionists
  • Veterinarians with hand-on experience with birds/parrots
  • Rescue and sanctuary organizations
  • Resource books, magazines and groups
  • Trusted suppliers of bird/parrot products

At PRC, it is "all about the birds", where we champion responsibility on all levels in the parrot community.

Working together will make a difference for parrots.

PRC Champions:

  • Responsibility on all levels in the parrot community
  • Working in harmony with like minded organizations and individuals
  • Adoption of parrots
  • Conservation efforts which focus on protecting wild species in their natural habitat

PRC Supports:

  • Working with other parrot organizations to make a positive difference for parrots
  • Rescue and sanctuary organizations + Banning of "back yard and unethical breeders"
  • On a case by case basis abused/neglected and in need parrots (must meet criteria guidelines as set out by PRC directors)
  • Psittacine disease research (University of Guelph)
  • FlyFree programme (working to end the wild bird trade and return parrots to the wild. It is estimated up to 50% of wild caught birds die before export).
  • Pennies4Parrots and/or specific conservation projects