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About Us

We work towards the Conservation of the Chocó rainforests and animals.

Our objectives are: 1. Protect and connect the forests of the region. 2. Establish, through example and education, sustainable criteria with the environment. 3. Support the local people by preparing teaching material and lessons they may find useful at the present time and in the future.

We offer volunteers to experience life in the jungle working directly for Nature and wildlife of Ecuador. During your time here you will be primarily involved in the preparation of environmental education lessons at nearby schools, reforestation of native species, learning organic gardening and beach cleaning campaigns. You also can collaborate in conducting surveys of animals and/or plants and in taking high quality photos: our list of new species is always open! In addition, we offer the possibility of longer stays for scientific research or internships.

The participation in workshops for making handicrafts just with natural materials is another experience that you cannot miss.