Immigrant Movement International Corona

  • NY


108-59 Roosevelt Avenue
Borough of Queens
United States

About Us

IMI Corona Is:

●      A community center for alternative education open to all regardless of legal status, where we mix creative and practical knowledge. 
●      A think-tank for reflection, debate and action by people’s philosophers to reimagine the role of immigrants in society and to change unjust situations. 
●      A laboratory for artivist practices that merge arts and activism.

 IMI Corona’s VALUES ARE:   
●      To promote social justice and respect for our rights through education and art. We create opportunities to share our knowledge. Everyone can be an educator, and everyone can learn. The educational space will be one of respect and trust; everyone will learn at their own pace without creating an atmosphere of competition. 
●      To care for and question our own culture. To recognize the value of our traditions, and to create a space to protect and practice our traditions. But also, to recognize oppressive practices within our own culture and to create new traditions that open spaces for a diversity of cultures within our community without stereotyping. 
●      To have a culture of unity, solidarity and support. We know that we are different, but we can work as a group. We accept constructive criticism and are kind when we critique.    

In IMI Corona we FIGHT FOR:   
●       Listening and defending the dignity of each human being. We want to create a space where our can be expressed so that we can be active people, so that we can care for each other, listen to each other, and speak our opinions without fear. 
●      Access to education and health for migrants and workers in Corona and in New York, in solidarity and comradeship with all nationalities, races, genders, and sexual identities that live in our neighborhoods. 
●      The creation of strong communities that can defend themselves and respond to the violence and oppression that we experience in creative and healing ways. We come together to learn, and we believe that politics is a way of acting as a group with a collective social justice conscience and an ethos of collaborative work. We believe in community organizing as the way to fight for social justice for immigrants, women, youth and workers.