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About Us


The social mission of my organization is to educate and inform people as to how to use the social media campaign sites around the world to particpate in 'global democracy'.

The organization is basically just the website.:

But it is the first attempt at bringing together all the places where people can vote on global issues, in a world where people's participation in global governance is limited to voting for actions and ideas. And explaining to people how and why it is the way of the present and will be increasingly the way of the future.

It would be a better site if there were many volunteers to assist me with its management and develoment.

Volunteers could either assist with devlopment of the site itself; or, help identify the most useful petitions using the petition sites listed on the home page.

It is a not for profit organization, but not registered with any government. If you think this organization has potential to be of interest to volunteers who visit your site, but there is insufficient information for it to be posted, let me know, and I will try and provide you with such further information as is sought.

Best regards,

Bill Piper