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About Us

SIKANA is a start-up NGO from Paris, France. 
Our mission is to make practical skills and knowledge available to everyone, for free. We therefore make educational video tutorials on a wide range of subjects and translate them into around 6 languages. We are currently seeking French > English translators to help translate our videos. 
You can translate 100% online via our custom-made translation platform: The Factory - 
There are no targets or quotas to hit, you just translate and and when you like. 
Right now we need translators to assist us in translating Sports and Fitness videos.

The only requirements are that translators are English mother tongue with a very good command of the French language (university-level or higher) 

Our videos are normally between 1-3minutes in length and a proficient translator can normally compete 2-3 per hour. 
We have a growing community of translators with whom you can interact via our website's chat feature (
You can also watch all of our video programs at this address. 
Translators will be credited both on our website and our YouTube channel for each video they help to translate so it's definitely something you can add to your professional translator profile or CV. 

This is a very worthwhile cause, thank you!