Just Be With Us Organization

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About Us


          To conserve wildlife and environment and enrich the lives of local people through self-sustaining and long term community projects


          To promote education of earth resources in a manner that protect natural environment and human welfare and educate general of Tanzania people today, tomorrow and forever.

Who we are?

Our team is built up of intelligent and ambitious 3 youths of which all are fluent in English Language and other international languages like Germany, French and Spanish. All within the team have under gone the trainings and education in the field’s relating to tourism and wildlife management, Community Development and International Languages. We have the certificates to certify our skills and capabilities.

What we do?

 We aim at educating the Tanzanian community on the importance of environmental and wildlife conservation

 Health and sanitation in the community

 Youths and women empowerment through self-sustaining and long term community projects.

 Encourage both local and international tourism.

 Wildlife research Projects

 HIV / AIDS Education Projects

As an emerging non-profit organization, and in order to keep our targets and goals on lane, we focus on some activities to generate some income. These activities includes:

 Walking safaris within Arusha or Moshi town or the interiors.

 Maasai village visiting or any other cultural tour.

 Waterfalls viewing and swimming.

 Night camps(fire camps),weekend camps, Education camps or even the day camps in the Maasai villages not very far from Arusha town.

 Mountain trekking as interpreters.

 Escorting research students, individuals, the old or with disabilities.

 Giving relevant information and support to clients.

We keep the clients at safety and we don’t bother them for we care much about their reviews and their exploring thirst.

We would greatly appreciate if you choose to support us through being part of us and be our associates