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About Us

Founded out of love for their sons and daughters with intellectual disabilities, a group of family members began a grassroots movement in the early 1950’s that changed the long history of segregation and isolation of children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Statement of Mission: ACHIEVA commits to excellence in lifelong services for people with disabilities and their families.
Statement of Vision: ACHIEVA envisions the day when people with disabilities fully participate in their communities.

ACHIEVA serves more than 14,500 individuals with disabilities and their families and is the only agency of its type in Southwestern Pennsylvania that provides lifelong supports. From early intervention therapies to in-home support for medically fragile senior citizens, ACHIEVA provides a full spectrum of services for people of all ages and abilities and their families.

ACHIEVA is the nonprofit parent organization and Southwestern Pennsylvania’s largest provider of comprehensive services and supports for people with disabilities and their families.