Way Back Inn of Renton, Washington

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P.O. Box 621
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About Us

Our nonprofit agency provides homes to homeless families with children 14 years of age and younger for 90 days. Our units provide the families with warm comfortable homes so that the children may have a regular place to sleep at night, a yard to play in, and a nearby school to attend. We do not charge rent and we pay the utility bills and cover general maintenance costs needed to operate the unit. This gives the parents time to save first and last month rents and the necessary deposits required to move into permanent housing. When permanent housing is located and if the families need household furnishings, we invite them to go to our storage barn and select items they need. Way Back Inn has been in business as a tax-exempt agency since December 1991.

Our Programs include:

  1. Short Term Housing - up to 90 days
  2. Long Term Housing - up to 2 years and based on educational programs
  3. Prevention - advocate for prevention of homelessness and finding a solution overall

Each year we base our wins! on specific goals and measurements so that we continut to move our organization forward and are realizing the needs of the homeless in South King County.