Living Hope International

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About Us

We care for orphaned children in the People's Republic of China. Living Hope International provides family-style living for trafficked and unadoptable children in the south of China, and a world-class educational experience in the north of China for orphaned children with living relatives. Through this two-pronged approach to caring for children in China, Living Hope International seeks to address the needs of the child left out of current Chinese orphan care missions, the unadoptable child, and provide those children with opportunities they previously never would have received.

As an organization, we use monetary donations to pay for food, clothing, medical attention and educational supplies for children in our care. We also use designated funds to construct new orphanages. Additional monies are used to pay for Chinese staff salaries, transportation costs for the children, building maintenance and fuel to heat the buildings where the children live. Alongside monetary donations, we accept volunteers and in-kind donations, and would be happy to work with any interested parties who contact us.