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About Us

The Bard MAT program for educational justice brings together aspiring educational professionals in instructional and leadership roles at schools, museums, partnering community organizations, after-school initiatives, and arts and academic enrichment programs throughout Los Angeles. As an immersive, cohort-based, graduate degree, and higher education-community collaboration program, Bard seeks candidates interested in revitalizing public education and developing innovative careers as leaders, researchers, advocates, and teachers.

We seek intellectually curious, politically engaged college graduates who care about improving education, connecting with students and their communities, designing research, experimenting in the classroom, and advocating for more just and democratic public institutions.

Program candidates can begin qualified full-time employment, paid or unpaid teaching assistantships, after-school program jobs, or voluntary public service positions, all while completing 14 months of coursework in a professional peer community and leading to a master's degree. This period of guided fieldwork and educational inquiry builds valuable vocational experience for participants mentoring college-bound youth, practicing innovative instructional strategies, and conducting interdisciplinary research. This combination of courses and approved field work leads to a master's degree with specialized expertise developed through a year-long independent research project. Most candidates begin immediate full-time or part-time employment concurrent with coursework Candidates are expected to participate fully in the intellectual life of the Bard community and collaborate with peers, faculty, and partners to help revitalize public education in the city of Los Angeles.


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