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Our mission is toempower consumers to understand and adopt smart grid technologies and related programs; tocreate positive changesin consumer behavior related to patterns of energy use; and totransform cultural normsregarding the relationship between the consumer, the utility and energy consumption.


In 2011, the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act set the stage for Illinois to make a significant investment in modernizing its outdated electric infrastructure. These investments will create a statewide “smart grid” that is more reliable and efficient, in addition to delivering economic and environmental benefits to consumers in the form of lower energy costs, cleaner air and better integration of clean energy resources. One of the key building blocks for creating a “smart” electricity network is the smart meter. Illinois’ future deployment of nearly five million smart meters represents a landmark effort – it is one of the largest and most comprehensive statewide plans for grid modernization in the nation.

The Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF) was created to ensure that Illinois consumers are informed and engaged in this incredible transformation. Through our consumer education initiatives, ISEIF will foster positive change for Illinois consumers.

ISEIF was created in the 2011 Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act as a private not-for-profit organization, funded by ComEd and Ameren to help consumers understand and harness the benefits of a more modern, efficient electric grid.