John Jay College Pre Law Institute

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About Us

The Pre-Law Institute was established by President Jeremy Travis in December, 2005. Its mission is to “identify, motivate and prepare John Jay students and alumni who are interested in preparing for a career in law.” The Institute is a pro-active program that coordinates all college pre-law initiatives. Advisors engage in one-on-one advising to guide the undergraduate development of pre- law students who are encouraged to begin early preparation for the LSAT and become actively involved in pre law activities, such as attending the LSAC forum, joining the John Jay Law Society and attending College workshops focused on law school application processes. The Institute works closely with faculty and administrators who ensure that students understand the importance of a strong academic foundation.

In addition to individualized advisement, the Institute collaborates with practicing attorneys and academic departments to enhance learning opportunities for our pre-law students. For example, the Institute is developing a mentorship program which will pair John Jay alumni lawyers with pre-law students. The Institute has also collaborated with the College to develop a “learning community” that uses intersession courses to encourage peer support while helping students develop critical analytical skills. We look forward to the further development of this web site to provide students with timely information about law school admissions, local events, workshops and other relevant campus activities. The Institute is committed to working with the College to ensure that John Jay students obtain all the necessary skills and information to become successful law school candidates.