Sahodari Foundation

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Kottakarai village
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About Us

Sahodari Foundation

Sahodari Foundation's objective is to promote social, political and economic empowerment of destitute transgender, intersex and gender diversified people of India. We are a small, yet a powerful organization advocating for justice and equity, campaigning against stigma and discrimination of trans/intersex people, working along with legal groups, student organizations and LGBT organizations for civil rights of transpeople in India.


Our vision is that everyone will accept and support the right of trans people to be valued members of society and that transpeople enjoy free and fulfilling lives.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of trans people by supporting them through education, services, advocacy, research and working with anyone who is affected by gender identity issues.

The organization, though located in Auroville region is not a part of the Auroville project. We work alongside Auroville's ideals, yet we stand on our own, for equality and justice.